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Wood Work in India

Wooden General - Wood Work in India | Manufacturing Regions India | Type of Wood India

Woodwork in India has been tested on the anvil of time, and is known for its exquisiteness.

This type of furniture craft has been practiced both traditionally and professionally.

Woodwork in India has captivated many a viewer with its divine innate splendor and the exquisiteness of the intricate artisanship.

The carpentry of India is a manifestation of its vibrant culture and is multi-ethnicity.

Wood work in India is combined with processes like ornamentation, fixtures, and handicrafts that have their own inimitable style that is an exclusive mixture of modernity and old world charm. As a part of wood work in India, cabinet making has taken the world by storm.

It is a reflection of the excellence of woodwork in India. India is huge country and not all woodwork in India styles are similar.

If you go to ‘Gods Own Country’, the state of Kerala then the delicate carvings on the woodwork will leave you absolutely mesmerized.

Animal figures, and drawing of household of articles are a part of the traditional wood work here, and they have contributed to the wood work in India in an unbelievable manner.

Down In Gujarat, the carved almirahs, wooden swings have become a very important components of the famous woodwork in India.  The ‘Sadeli; type of wood work is also a very beautiful type of woodwork artistry from Gujarat.

Kashmir is also famous for its woodwork.  One of the significant visual symbols of Kashmiri woodwork is the Kashmiri houseboat, which is made of a special type of wood that is not affected by the water.

Saharanpur in UP has also made excessive contributions in the sphere of wood work in India. Furniture pieces like Screens, Trivets, Tables, cigarette boxes are made here, and most of them have earned the respect of woodwork connoisseurs from all over the world.

As can be seen woodwork in India is not limited to just one piece of furniture, but covers a whole gamut of options.

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