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Wooden CD Cabinets

Wooden Cabinets - Wooden Bathroom Cabinets | Wooden CD Cabinets | Wooden File Cabinets

Wooden CD cabinets protect compact disks and help you keep them organized. They are inevitable if your collection is large.

Wooden CD cabinets can store music CD's, personal CD files, photo disks, backup storage disks etc at home and office.

These are practical and protect disks from damage and dust. Wooden CD cabinets’ can hold both CD and DVD collections because they come with adjustable shelving features.

Wood is extremely sturdy and hence is a natural choice for CD cabinets. Ideal for CDs. They provide a solution to the problem of CD storage. Wooden CD cabinets provide plenty of space for a CD collection.

They are functional and visually appealing. Wooden CD cabinets come with glass fronts, closed or louvered doors. CD cabinets can be stackable, expandable units.

Some cabinets even come with multi-media drawers with indexing systems and hanging file modules to make your collection more manageable.

CD cabinets can be made to appeal to the more eclectic tastes by shaping them into violins or other unique shapes.

Old desks, dressers and other such existing furniture can be remodeled into CD cabinets. Solid oak is generally recommended for this purpose but any hard wood can be used.

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and lower-end particleboards can also be engineered to wooden CD cabinets. Wooden CD cabinets may have the following veneers and finishes: maple, cherry, walnut, and antiqued black. Durability in wooden CD cabinets is ensured with the application of a sealer and topcoat. They also make it resistant to water and household chemicals.

They are available in several finishes such as amber, burgundy, natural. Other notable features in wooden CD cabinets include double doors, magnetic closure, and antiqued metal knobs. Being made of wood, they can compliment any décor and finish of the other existing furniture at home or office.

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